Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Descendants

Well, long time no post, and I think this movie may be rather old, but in any case, I am more or less a fan of The Descendants. The deal is basically that the wife of this guy played by George Clooney was thrown from a speedboat and has gone into a coma, and now she's about to die. As if that weren't enough, George finds out (while she's in the coma) that she's been having an affair with a local real estate agent.

Kind of serious, right? But actually, this movie did a good job of making a sad situation relatively funny. It recognized that the premise was almost too much, and injected comedic moments accordingly. The only thing I sort of had against it was that the George Clooney guy has these two daughters, and the setup seemed to suggest that they were problem kids. But then, for the rest of the movie, they were basically as good as gold. Not that I'm complaining as the movie definitely had enough other shit to deal with, but it was still a little misleading, y'know?

So I really don't know if this shit is in theatres anymore in places where they actually get movies when they are first available... but if it is, go see it! It's pretty good! Enjoy your day! I'm kind of tired!